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Workplace safety is quite a challenge for companies, especially in industries like shipping and offshore engineering. Monitoring thousands of workers and hazardous worksites like confined spaces in real-time is a tough task. Past incidents are proof that locating workers in confined spaces during the unfortunate event of an accident is far more difficult than rescuing them. Here each second becomes a dividing line between life and death. Safety and rescue officers who face the huge responsibility of saving lives in minimum time have now got the helping hand of technology. Sando Guardian is the sensible solution to monitor and ensure workplace safety.

How Sando Guardian Works

Sando Guardian is a monitoring device with three-component hardware and IIoT technology based software. A Sensor Tag with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon measures parameters like heat, humidity, voc concentration etc. of confined spaces. Temperature, pulse rate etc. of workers are also noted. These data are frequently sent to a device called the Gateway fixed at the entrance of a confined space. It collects data from each Sensor Tag in the confined space and sends them to the Dashboard Interface. This device processes the data and presents it in a simple and user-friendly way for easy comprehension. Real-time condition of each worker and each confined space can thus be monitored by the concerned safety officer.

Sando Guardian Advantages

1. Operational in both indoors and outdoors

2. Real-time monitoring of workplace activities

3. Warning alarm on potential dangers

4. Real-time detection of people trapped in confined spaces

5. Helps manage the evacuation process

6. Dashboard accessible from anywhere in the world

Sando Guardian dashboard,
accessed from anywhere in the world through cloud

A safe workplace is the fundamental right of an employee and each organization is responsible for providing the same. Employ Sando Guardian, take advantage of the latest technology and make each worksite a safer place.

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